Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Freezer Paper Stencils!

Awesome tutorial at Neither Hip Nor Funky

Variations for paint other than actual fabric paint heat set with your iron are acrylic paint which can be flaky, spray paint which will last a couple washes, and watered down bleach for colored backgrounds.

Here are a few I have done, with varied success. Also the Holy Grail costumes from my previous post have a significant amount of spray paint stenciling going on.

This image is co-opted from an image I found in a magazine and filed away in my clippings folder, I am sorry I no longer remember which magazine. This is the stencil partly cut.

From make this melissa
Stenciled with gold fabric paint and heat set.
From make this melissa
This amazing stencil is not my design. The Squirrely Valentine was posted on Little Acorn's blog for Valentines day. I made both a valentine and a spray paint stencil with a single cutting. I love the design and am so thankful to Little Acorn for offering up the PDF!

This one has been through the wash quite a few times and the original spraying was not very thick:
This one is more recent. Please ignore the wrinkles.
To reuse the stencil I used 3M Spray Mount
repositionable adhesive.

From make this melissa
And this is my very first attempt, again wrinkly.
Fabric paint.
I need to work on my photo setups. Pull the iron out
already :)

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