Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Halloween is my favorite holiday because of the excuse to make! Also, September is a slow month generally so I am able to spend lots of time obsessing over the next costume challenge.

I think this deserves a list, and I will search for photos and post them asap although many were not recorded on film. Most are basic or slightly jankey but I am refining my skills.

My history of costumes (including Bay to Breakers and random other dress up opportunities)

- Giraffe
- Flamingo
- Yoshi
- Panda
- Sheep
- A few Pirates
- Doe
- Gnome
- Bird (assisted the littlest sis)
- Pilgrim couple
- The Holy Grail (5 knights, a coconut Patsy and a Concord)

Halloween 2006. Panda me.

Halloween 2007. Sheepy me.

Halloween 2008. We are slightly dead woodland creatures. This is day 2 of Halloween and the theme of the party we went to was "deader than the night before." E is a moldy Garden Gnome with knit felt hat, vest and RIT dyed pants. I am a Doe with a felt bullet wound, metal leaf earrings and acorn brooch made by me. Brooch, nose and eyes are Sculpey.

I made the Doe head with a duct tape base and sewn and glue gunned fabric. I must share a link with you from the amazing Beetlecat. Her tutorials are great and really brought my costume making to a new level!
And the birdy littlest sis, "deader than the night before" with the plastic rings from a six pack fashioned into a necklace. Don't mind Elmer Fudd, he is "hunting wabbits."

Holy Grail from Bay to Breakers 2009. These are basically re-fashioned T-shirts with "chain mail" made of shiny shirts from the Goodwill, freezer paper stencils with spray paint, and some applique. Don't we look awesome!

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