Tuesday, June 2, 2009

A few pieces I've done hanging around the house.

I just realized, all animals.

I painted my dresser "poolside blue" and all of a sudden nothing in the bedroom matched. The octopus was needed to tie together the colors in my room. The frame is an old plaster cast one with black brushed over it a bit. A quilt and another bird painting were also produced in a rush to renew balance.

I saw a deer silhouettesomewhere and had to give this a try. I am loving deer right now. I was a deer forHalloween last year. I even have a cute pair of deerearrings gifted to me by my Step-mom last weekend fromHeartfelt. They are very sweet. I really need a new animal obsession. Halloween is just around the corner you know.
Ahhh, pandas! This one is a tall skinny piece with a bit of doodle collage and fur mixed in. I love the yellow post-it colored background.

And sheep. This was a gift to E. The background is a glisteny gold wash painted onto a heavy block of mahogany, beautiful piece of wood.

Potato prints and doodle collage on a wood floor scrap.

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