Friday, June 5, 2009

Maker Faire

I had the amazing opportunity to volunteer at the Swap-o-rama-rama at the Maker Faire last weekend in San Mateo. I assisted countless beginners at two sewing machines and a serger and really enjoyed the teaching experience (and really want a serger now :). Folks went wild re-making from the mountains of donated used clothing. At my station we made a steampunk bustle from a pillow, a velvet vest with a rock t-shirt emblem framed on the back, a sweet cherry skirt with denim ruffles, a fitted 3/4 length sleeve corduroy coat, gave a lesson on resizing men's shirts for a more fitted look, fashioned a tote bag with an added pocket, two cute little girls purses and much more. Basically awesome. On top of it all I got to meet Rob and Corinne from Threadbanger and have my nerdy millisecond of fame at 4 minutes 50 seconds of the episode below. Snip snip.

Also, on Saturday my extraordinarily talented friend Kayo showed at the fashion show and Sewisyourface was in attendance volunteering at the sewing machines like a star. If you haven't been to Maker Faire yet you really must go next year. San Mateo, CA.

And finally, a purchase was necessary. These amazing
A Young Mad Scientist's First Alphabet Blocks and Build-Your-Own Vehicular Fishmonster Kit from Xylocopa Designs could not be resisted. Love!

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