Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Ceramics at the Randall Museum

I recently took a ceramics class with my good friend Emily at the Randall Museum in San Francisco. It was a great class. I usually just throw but I was glad to learn quite a few new table techniques from the instructor. The only disappointment was that there is no open studio time to come in and work. Here are a few of the goodies I came home with.

I absolutely LOVE these pinch pots. I made them to be little catchall containers on top of my dresser for earrings and buttons and bits. The one on the right has one of many ceramic spoons I made being used here as a ring holder.

I left the rim of this green bowl untrimmed and wavy which was a happy accident. The plate was made by slumping it over a ceramic form. The back of the plate is raw unglazed clay. This image does not do this plate justice. It looks incredible on the table!

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