Monday, August 16, 2010

Wedding Day

We had an outdoor summer wedding at Pocket Creek Farm owned by Eric's Uncle in Portland, Oregon.

Signs and pictures guided guests through the woods to the ceremony.

The ceremony site under a tree.

Wear and carry flowers by Fran├žoise Weeks.

Eric lost his boutonniere right off so we improvised.

The table flowers were picked and picked out by Eric's Mom, Aunt and I the day before.

They were arranged by many helpful hands in an assortment of funny thrift store finds.

Transportation to the ceremony provided by John Deere.

Quaker style wedding certificate signed by all our guests during the ceremony by Margaret Davis Calligraphy & Design.

Music by Tyler Matthew Smith. Dancing by all.

Photography and photo booth provided by Lucille VonTron Photography of Portland, OR.

Lawn games were played. We had horseshoes, 9 holes of golf, badminton and croquet.

The cake was made by my lovely sister Jessica. I LOVE IT! I got the topper from Melabo on Etsy.

So that was the day. Hot and amazing fun. I am so grateful to all the people who contributed to my wedding day.

THANK YOU! xoxome

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